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Champagne ’’by the glass’’
Jean Laurent. Blanc de Blancs Reserve NV- Celle-Sur-Ource..
DKK 100,00

Oyster Gillardeau
1/4 ds Oyster Gillardeau Size #4.
DKK 120,00
Oyster Gillardeau
1/2 ds. Oyster Gillardeau Size #4.
DKK 220,00
Oyster Gillardeau
1/1 ds. Oyster Gillardeau Size #4.
DKK 400,00
Drink- Thors hammer..
Elderflower, lime, gin, boblels and mint
DKK 95,00
Duck croquettes
Spicy dip and sesam
DKK 75,00
Lemon and tarragon dips..
DKK 50,00
Serving og Sourdough bread with butter
DKK 35,00
’Lobster’’ chips with lemon-mayo
DKK 45,00
Olive mix-
Godal, Calamata and more
DKK 50,00
Crispy french Fries
House Crispy fries with dip
DKK 50,00
Lunch plate
DKK 275,00
First serving
Orange herring with red onion & Prawns, egg and mayo
Second serving
Crispy Haddock, pickles and lemon & Petite filet of beef. Onion, cucumber
Third serving
Cheese from the board or Chocolate of the day

Open faced sandwiches

Knud fried herring
with apple compote and pickled lingonberries...
DKK 95,00
Henriksen´s herring ’’grandsjef’’
Cress, horseradish and egg
DKK 85,00
Spiced orange herring
red onion, capers and raisins
DKK 90,00
Knud's 3 herrings on a plank...
Egg, potatoes and onions Dark and crispy bread....
DKK 225,00
Fish filet ‘’Skagen’’
Crispy fried Haddock with prawns and tarragon mayo
DKK 145,00
Fish filet ‘’Hundested’’
Crispy fried Haddock with mussels, mayo, roe and lemon
DKK 145,00
Jump Around
Fresh Norwegian prawns, lemon, mayo and fresh bread.
DKK 120,00
Fungi Bruschetta
Toast with forest mushrooms, grated cheese, mayo and cress
DKK 90,00
Raw Salmon of the day
Creamy green kale and roe
DKK 95,00
Paté de Campagne ala Heding
Baked with pistachios, walnuts and mushrooms. Umami jelly and onions
DKK 90,00
French Beef tartar.
Lerbjerggård's grape cucumbers, chips, horseradish and cress...
DKK 125,00
Steak, lamb, fish and greens
Lamb ‘’Platon’’ - down to earth
Lambchops. Jerusalem arti¬ch¬okes and onion. Potato’s and Sauer cream with garlic and herps..
DKK 250,00
Entrecôte ‘’Mogens’’
250 gr. grillede beef filet Pepper gremolata. Parsnip puree, tomatoes, French fries and pepper sauce...
DKK 285,00
Redfish fillet ( Dragon head fish)
Winter cabbage, root vegetables, braised potatoes and chive cream with roe
DKK 250,00
Country (p)bumpkin
Stuffed butternut-squash. Baked with mushrooms and cheese. Salad, sauce and tomatoes...
DKK 225,00
Bistro Classics
Tartar Frites
French Beef tartar. Winter kale and crispy fries…
DKK 225,00
Tartar Frites and wine
French Beef tartar. Winter kale and crispy fries…With 2 glasses of good red wine..
DKK 350,00
Moules Frites
Steamed blue mussels in pot..Herbs, garlic, wine and cream. Fries & dip
DKK 225,00
Moules Frites and wine
Steamed blue mussels in pot..Herbs, garlic, wine and cream. Fries & dip With 2 glasses of good white wine
DKK 350,00
For the children on Knud..
DKK 145,00
Crispy Haddock, dips and fries
Petite filet of beef, dips and fries
Fried chicken leg, dips and fries
Scopes af Ice-cream
DKK 65,00
Cheese-board -total restaurant - with 3 blocks, crackers and compote..
DKK 95,00
Crème Brulée
House Classic sugar burned Crème Brulée
Plum and chocolate
Cinnamon-pickled plums with white chocolate ganache, pistachios and lemon verbena...
DKK 95,00
French Coffee….
A Kiss from Paris- Calvados, coffee, sugar and cream
DKK 100,00
Rom, Coffee, Ragusa.
DKK 125,00
Sunday menu- 3 courses
DKK 275,00
Lump of redfish filet Romaine salad and sauce with roe
Juicy sirloin – cut it yourself Braised potatoes, cream sauce with pepper, lingonberries and some local veggies
Cheese ore Dessert
Cheeses from the chaotic cheese table - Or Chokolat a la kusine du jour