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The Oysters bar

3 pcs. Gillardeau - King of oyster - Size #4.
DKK 140,00
6 pcs. Gillardeau - King of oyster - Size #4.
DKK 270,00
3 pcs Fine De Claire #3
DKK 120,00
6 pcs. Fine De Claire #3
DKK 230,00
3 oyster with champagne
3 oysters with cucumber and dill House Blanc de Blanc..
DKK 195,00

Drinks og Snacks

Champagne ’’by the glass’’
Jean Laurent. Blanc de Blanc Reserve NV- Celle-Sur-Ource..
DKK 100,00
Drink’’Lemon drop’’
Vodka, Triple, Citron, Vanilje & Bobler..
DKK 95,00
Cured beef ‘’Charcutier’’ with pickle and crisp bread…
DKK 65,00
Boquerones with lemon
DKK 65,00
Cured beef ‘pickle and crisp bread
DKK 65,00
Cauliflowernuggets and dip
DKK 50,00
’Lobster’’ chips ´n dips
DKK 45,00
Frenchy Fries
House Crispy fries with dip
DKK 50,00

Lunch asiette

a 5 hit wonder
DKK 250,00
Herring from Christians ø, with egg-salad
Smoked salmon with peas and lemonmayo
Crispy fried cod fish. Creamy tartar sauce. and lemon
French Beef tartar. Hazelnuts, capers and tarragon dip
24 month old Havarti /(washed curd cheese) with rhubarb-ginger kompot

Open faced sandwiches

One for a light lunch, two for the good lunch - and three for the hungry sailor..
Knud´s Tomato- herring
Spiced herring filet with tomato salsa, lemon mayo and springonion
DKK 95,00
Henriksen´s herring ’’grandsjef’’
Giant capers, onions, smiling eggs and cress..
DKK 85,00
Herring from Christians ø
With egg salad mixed with ram's onions, shallots and apples
DKK 90,00
Knud's 3 herrings on a plank
Egg, potatoes and onions Dark and crispy bread
DKK 225,00
Smoked salmon
Frissé, peas, radish, almonds and lemon mayo
DKK 115,00
Fish filet ‘’Skagen’’
Crispy fried Haddock with prawns and tarragon mayo
DKK 145,00
Cold white asparagus with Norwegian prawns. Pea cream and herps….
DKK 130,00
Jump Jump- JumpAround
Fresh Norwegian prawns in herps. Lemonmayo and fresh bread.
DKK 120,00
Potato- Potato
Spring potato’s, potato chips and goat cheese Pickled onion and coucumber..
DKK 95,00
Vitello “Italiano”
Veal "roast" with Italian salad with asparagus, peas and carrots and horseradish
DKK 80,00
Fungi Pomodoro
Tomato with truffle creme, spring onion and mushroom dust
DKK 85,00
Chicken salad
Chicken in mayonnaise, champignon, peas, apple and selleri leaf...
DKK 95,00
French Beef tartar
Minced beef, hazelnuts capers, radish, horseradish and tarragon dips
DKK 135,00
Country paté
Baked with love, pistachio and walnuts. Salad vinaigrette and currants
DKK 85,00

Main course

Knud's large seafood platter- Royale
½ boiled lobster, crab claw, 3 Norwegian lobsters, 3 oysters, rosé prawns and warm blue mussels. Lemon, dips and good bread....
DKK 435,00
Knud's small seafood platter
Crab claw, 3 Norwegian lobsters, 3 oysters, rosé prawns and warm blue mussels. Lemon, dips and good bread....
DKK 255,00
Whole Lobster
Raw butter-fried lobster. Lobster cream with garlic, rosemary and wine, and fresh greens
DKK 395,00
Flatfish of the day
Whole-fried flatfish-ask the waiter. Potatoes, and browned capers-butter..
DKK 285,00
Chunk of Fish
Butter-fried chunk of fish - ask the waiter Summer vegies, new potatoes and creamy shellfish sauce..
DKK 250,00
Fish´n Chips
Crispy tjunks of fried Haddock with salad ’’vinaigrette’’, French fries and tartar sauce
DKK 220,00
Ribeye- steak ''knud''
300g Ribeye steak. Tomatoes, onion compote, fries and pepper sc.
DKK 350,00
Entrecôte ‘’Mogens''
250g beef fillet. Tomatoes, onion compote, fries and pepper sc.
DKK 285,00
Pan-fried rooster breast
Summer vegetables, cream sauce and corn ’’dinkel wheat otto’’ infused with herbs
DKK 250,00
Pork cutlet - 250 grams country pig
Summer vegetables, cream sauce and corn ’’dinkel wheat otto’’ infused with herbs…250,-
DKK 250,00
The Lion's Dilemma
Cauliflower ‘’steak au thyme’’ Creamy butterbean puree, chimichurri, currants and hazelnuts
DKK 225,00

Bistro Classics

Tatar Frites
Beef tartar with hazelnuts, caper radishes, horseradish and dip.. Salads and fries
DKK 225,00
Moules Frites
Steamed blue mussels in pot. Herbs, garlic, wine and cream. Fries & dip
DKK 175,00
Salad Poulet au Frites
Chicken, salad, Thybo, croutons, and Caesar cream. Fries & dip
DKK 225,00

Children's menu

Prawn cocktail, salad, lemon and dips..
DKK 45,00
Fish'n chips with lemon and remoulade
DKK 99,00
Pork sausage, fries and ketchup...
DKK 99,00
Chicken with roots, fries and mayo
DKK 99,00
2 scoops of ice cream orange crumble...
DKK 35,00

Dessert and cheese

Cheese-board -total restaurant - 3 blocks, crackers and compote
DKK 95,00
Cocktail Strawberry ”Romanoff”
Cocktail Strawberry ”Romanoff” in citrus & Cointreau. Dried blueberry, vanilla ice cream and cream
DKK 95,00
1872 Appledore - Blueberry pie
White chocolate ice cream, blueberries, almonds and rosehip sugar
DKK 95,00
Coupe Halsnæs - Not for children
Ice-creams, Mudcake.. Plantation rum and sea buckthorn
DKK 95,00
White chocolate mousse
Crumble with Orange. Blackcurrant ice cream and tonka dust
DKK 95,00
French Coffee….
A Kiss from Paris- Calvados, coffee, sugar and cream
DKK 100,00
Exit-kit -Rom, Coffee, Ragusa.
DKK 90,00
3 chunks of nougat Ragusa
DKK 60,00

Sunday menu-

3 courses- Sundays only - the whole table
DKK 250,00
Smalle schrimp cocktail Pea cream and salads
‘’Sous Vide’’ Sunday roast cut it yourself – Juicy vegetables, herbed small potatoes and sauce
Cheese or desserts
Ice cream from Issallonen, berries and rosehip sugar Or Cheese in blocks - Total restaurant