Every day is new in the kitchen on knud. The menu changes on a regular basis- so I order to know- you got to go there. How ever this is how it looks like on the 1. Juli 2020.

Lunch menu every day between 12.00 – 16.00


Oysters Gigas #2, vinaigrette and lemon.  3 pcs. 85,- / 6 pcs. 150,- / 12 pcs. 280,-

 Danish open face sandwiches

Curry herring with apples, celery, onions, capers and slightly soft egg …75,-

Herring from Christiansø with egg salad, onion and capers …75,-

Salty-cured house salmon on toast with mustard cream and asparagus …95,-

Crispy-fried plaice with pickles, cress and lemon…85,-

Tatar with pickled cucumber, horseraddish and capers… 85,-

Heding’s country patê with grain mustard, cucumber, crackling and cress…80,-

(V) Potatoes with radishes, capers, mayo og fried onions…75,-

(V) Avocado, slightly soft egg, asparagus and cress…80,-


Selection of 3 open face sandwiches…

In house 195,- take away 150,-

Christiansø herring with egg salad, onion and capers

Crispy-fried plaice with pickles, cress and lemon

Heding’s country patê with grain mustard, cucumber, crackling and cress

Aquavit: Blue Hundested- super classic- dill and pepper 42%… 3 cl. 40,-

 Children under 12 years

150 g ribeye with salad, chips, stalk tomatoes and tarragon mayo…145,-

Crispy-fried plaice with chips, mayo, salad and lemon…145,-

 Baked stalk tomatoes with goat cheese from Tothaven and apple glace…75,-

Pot-roasted cauliflower with hazelnuts, grilled lemon and browned butter… 75,-

Pot au moules. 800 g steamed mussels with fennel, garlic and rosemary…125,-

Shellfish bisque with dill oil, lemon-cured scallop and crunch …125,-

Flatfish of the Day ..butter-fried and served with capers-butter, new potatoes and lemon …250,-

300 gr. Well-matured Ribeye with salad, stalk tomatoes, chips and tarragon mayo…280,

Heaps of vegetables in the pot

Pearl barley-otto with fresh peas, green asparagus and herbs. Grilled cauliflower…175,-

Signature dishes from knuds melting pot of good produce, time and warm hands

 Plateau de fruits de mer.. Half boiled lobster, crab claws, 3 oysters, Norwegian lobster, mussel and prawns. Bread, mayo, vinaigrette and lemon. (approx. 30 minutes preparation time)


 Raw-roasted lobster..1/1 Canadian lobster, roasted in garlic and herbs.

Served with salad, lemon and mayo…330,-

We recommend our chips with tarragon mayo…40,-

Mussels, chips and wine 800 g. mussels steamed with fennel, rosemary and garlic. Chips, tarragon mayo and 2 glasses of weissburgunder from wine-maker Walter Von der Mark- Baden   250,-

Tatar, chips and wine Minced, organic beef made with dijon mustard, olive oil and lemon Chips, tarragon mayo, salad and 2 glasses of spatburgunder from wine-maker Walter Von der Mark- Baden  250,-Dessert and cheese

From the cheese cabinet – three well-matured chunks of cheese with compote and crunch…100,-

Panna Cotta with rhubarb..85,-

Gateau Marcel with rasberry sorbet and rasberry sauce…85,-

Home-made nougat Ragusa, three chunks… 50,-


 Head chef Martin Steensgaard is in charge of the gastronomic punchlines

Corona Manifesto for us and our guests. Keep your distance – step aside and let others pass. It’s a no-contact dance. We will clean tables, menus and what not between seating. Only seat yourself at tables that have been cleaned by us. Wash and sanitize your hands regularly – we do. Avoid hugs and handshakes – we bow and smile instead. Cough and sneeze into your sleeve. Everybody interprets social distancing their own way – be mindful of your surroundigs – we try to be. If we experience any flu-like symptoms we stay home -you too– so Knud can stay open tomorrow as well.