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Evening menu

Evening menu

Drinks og Snacks

Champagne ’’by the glass’’
Jean Laurent. Blanc de Blanc..
DKK 100,00
3 oyster with champagne
Oyster with chili, foam and klorofyl House Blanc de Blanc..
DKK 195,00
The ’´Lemon drop’’
Vodka, Triple, Citron, Vanilje & Bobler
DKK 95,00
Cured beef ‘’Charcutier’’
with pickle and crackers
DKK 65,00
Crispy Shrimps, lemon and dips
DKK 75,00
Duck croquettes
spicy dip and sesam
DKK 75,00
Cauliflowernuggets and dip
DKK 50,00
’Lobster’’ chips
‘’Lobster’’ chips & lemonmayo
DKK 45,00
French Fries
House Crispy fries with dip
DKK 50,00

Spring menu

3 course dinner
DKK 425,00
Asparagus Cold white asparagus with Norwegian prawns. Cream Edamame and asparagus herb bomb
Entrecôte ‘’Mogens ala Mogens’’ 250g beef fillet. Green asparagus and carrots in herbs and lemon. Potatoes and mushroom cream
Dessert or cheese
Coupe Halsnæs - Not for children Ice-creams, Brocken mudcake.. Plantation rum and sea buckthorn Or Cheese board - total restaurant - with good blocks, crackers and compote.

Oyster Gigas

3 pcs. Gillardeau. Size #4.
DKK 140,00
6 pcs. Gillardeau. Size #4.
DKK 270,00
3 pcs. Zeeland Fine De Claire #3
DKK 120,00
6 pcs. Zeeland Fine De Claire #3
DKK 230,00


Blinis ’’Gigante’’
Monkfish roe, sour cream, 3 types of onion - shallots and pickled onions and chive oil...
DKK 125,00
Cremy shellfish bisque
Bytterfried fish-crebinet. Yellow beetroot and herbal oil..
DKK 125,00
Coquilles Saint Jacques
Butter-fried scallops on cauliflower purée, browned almond butter with bacon and asparagus herb bomb
DKK 135,00
Cold white asparagus with Norwegian prawns. Cream Edamame and asparagus herb bomb
DKK 130,00
Roots and goat
Glazed carrots with thyme. Goat cheese from Tothaven and roasted buckwheat kernels
DKK 85,00
Fungi Bruschetta
Toast with forest mushrooms, grated cheese, mayo and cress
DKK 90,00
Jump Jump Around
Fresh Norwegian prawns, lemon, mayo and fresh bread.
DKK 120,00
The blue gold of the fiords
Petit pot blue mussels with herps, cream and white vine
DKK 120,00
Lovely Linda
Terrin af somthing completely politically uncorect Crackers, rhubarb and corn
DKK 195,00
French Beef tartar
Minced beef. Pickled blackcurrants, hazelnuts and grated Thybo
DKK 135,00

Main course

Gok Gok
Grilled young rooster breast with currants and fricassee of white aspara¬gus, carrots, peas and pota-toes - dusted with parsley.…
DKK 250,00
Ribeye- Beef knud
300g Ribeye steak. Gremolata, cauliflower puree, lerbjerggården's salads, pepper sauce and fries
DKK 350,00
Entrecôte ‘’Mogens ala Mogens’’
250g beef fillet. Green asparagus and carrots in herbs and lemon. Potatoes and mushroom cream
DKK 285,00
Flatfish of the day
Whole-fried flatfish-ask the waiter. Potatoes in herbs, green asparagus and browned caper butter..
DKK 285,00
Butterfried fish of the day- ask the waiter
Fried chunk of fish - ask the waiter Cabbage, honey-glazed potatoes and fish sauce with with roe and lemon
DKK 250,00
Fish´n Chips
Crispy tjunks of fried Haddock with salad ’’vinaigrette’’, French fries and tartar sauce...
DKK 210,00
Whole Lobster
Raw butter-fried lobster. Lobster cream with garlic, rosemary and wine. Fries and fresh greens
DKK 395,00
The Lion's Dilemma
Cauliflower ‘’steak au thyme’’ Creamy butterbean puree, chimichurri, currants and hazelnuts
DKK 225,00

Bistro Classics

Tartar Frites
French Beef tartar. Winter kale and crispy fries
DKK 225,00
Moules Frites
Steamed blue mussels in pot. Herbs, garlic, wine and cream. Fries & dip
DKK 225,00
Salad Poulet au Frites
Chicken, salad, Thybo, asparagus, bacon crunch and Caesar cream. Fries and dips
DKK 225,00

Children's menu

Prawn cocktail, salad, lemon and dips..
DKK 45,00
Crispy Haddock, dips and fries
DKK 99,00
Pointed Cabbage
Grilled pointed cabbage, parsnip puree, roe and almonds
DKK 95,00
Beef skewer, salad, fries and ketchup
DKK 99,00
Fried chicken leg, dips and fries
DKK 99,00
2 scoops of ice cream orange crumble...
DKK 35,00


total restaurant - 3 blocks, crackers and compote..
DKK 95,00
Coupe Halsnæs
Not for children Ice-creams, Mudcake.. Plantation rum and sea buckthorn
DKK 95,00
1872 Appledore - Blueberry pie
White chocolate ice cream, blueberries, almonds and rosehip sugar
DKK 95,00
White chocolate mousse
Crumble with Orange. Blackcurrant ice cream and tonka dust...
DKK 95,00
French Coffee
A Kiss from Paris- Calvados, coffee, sugar and cream
DKK 100,00
Exit-kit -Rom, Coffee, Ragusa
DKK 125,00
3 chunks of nougat Ragusa
DKK 60,00
3 Easter eggs
nougat and marzipan-rolled between Lotte's thighs
DKK 75,00

Sunday menu- 3 courses

3 courses (Sundays only - the whole table)
DKK 250,00
Creamy shellfish bisque Butter-fried fish crebinet, chunks of yellow beets and herbal oil.
‘’Sous Vide’’ prepared Sunday roast cut it yourself - Baked root vegetables with thyme, French fries and chicken voluté with mushrooms and good taste
Dessert or cheese
Dark brownie with ice cream Or Cheese in blocks - Total restaurant