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Every day is new in the kitchen on knud. The menu changes on a regular basis- so I order to know- you got to go there. How ever this is how it looks like on the 6. oktober 2020.



Get loaded with lemon Mojito with white rom, prosecco, vanilla-lemon…       85,-


Evening menu every day 17.00 – 21.30


Startup .. 3 oyster Gigas #2 and a glass of titillating bubbles….150,-

Oysters Gigas #2, vinaigrette and lemon  3 pcs. 85,- / 6 pcs 150,- / 12 pcs 280,-



Evening menu – 3 course ask your waiter…. 375,-





Sugar-salted salmon with corn, corn, corn and kale                                                                 95,-

Beef tatar served with horseraddish, cucumber and cress                                                          125,-

Pot au moules. 800 g freshly steamed mussels with dill and black pepper                                     135,-

Heding’s country patê with grain mustard, crackling pickle                                                        85,-




Burata with green cabage, chanterelle green herbs and pepper                                                                125,-

Creamy whet grains ‘’otto’’ with Høost, sweetcorn and herbs                                                      85,-

Baked stalk tomatoes with goat cheese from Tothaven and apple sirup                                       85,-

Pot-roasted sweetheart cabbage with hazelnuts, grilled lemon and browned butter                        75,-

Chips with taragon mayo                                                                                                  40,-

Green salad with vinaigrette                                                                                              65,-




Flatfish of the Day. Butter-fried and served with capers-butter, new potatoes and lemon                                 250,-

Skin fried halibut on the bone. Lobster sauce, green cabbage and potatoes                                 295,-

300 gr. Well-matured Ribeye with salad, stalk tomatoes, chips and tarragon mayo                        280,

Vegetables in the pot -pearl barly-otto with mushrooms, cabbage and herbs                                                185,-



Children under 12 years

150 g ribeye with salad, chips, stalk tomtatoes and dips                                           145,-

Crispy, fried fish with chips, mayo, salad and lemon…                                                                145,-




Quick fix – Mussels ore Steak tatar with chips and wine

Choose between 800 g. steamed mussels ore 130 gr. Steak tatar from organic beef Golden chips, tarragon mayo and 2 glasses white ore red wine. 250,-



Dessert and cheese


Cheese– three well matured chunks of cheese with compote and crunch                                        100,-

Pear ‘’Belle Ellen’’ with chocolate jazz, hazelnuts and blueberry ice-cream                                     85,-

Crème Bruleé with croquante and rhubarb                                                                           85,-

Home-made nougat Ragusa, three chunks                                                                             50,-

Exit kit– Ruhm, coffee and nugat ragusa                                                                              100,-